A Flash of Heaven

It isn’t enough to simply love. God introduced marriage because He wanted us to experience the commitment and loyalty that comes with it.

Not By Sight

For a blind person, it’s just a feat to catch a wave, then to actually stand up, then to angle or go in a certain direction.

Answers to Life's Big Questions

We observe the Sabbath today as an act of worship and a response of love and gratitude to our wonderful Creator and Redeemer.

How to Deal with the Fear of Terrorism

Terrorism is nothing new. In Bible times, tribal warriors would raid peaceful herders’ encampments, killing men and taking women and children captive.


ARPA Award 2013 Winner for:

Know Misunderstandings by Scott Wegener

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Fig and Vanilla Polenta Pudding

Fig and Vanilla Polenta Pudding

The zeaxanthin, an antioxidant pigment, in this nutritious dessert guards our eyes from macular degeneration. Polenta is also high in resistant starch (a type of dietary fibre), recognised for its protective effects against bowel cancer.