A Flash of Heaven

It isn’t enough to simply love. God introduced marriage because He wanted us to experience the commitment and loyalty that comes with it.

Daniel Ricciardo: At the Wheel

Not surprisingly, given his father’s involvement, by the age of nine, Ricciardo was racing his own kart.

9 Facts About Jesus' Second Coming

Jesus is coming back because He wants to be with you and me, and He wants us to be with Him.

Raising Contented Kids

Which values about money, saving and spending do we want to pass on to our children, and how do we do that?


ARPA Award 2013 Winner for:

Know Misunderstandings by Scott Wegener

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Tofu Treasure Chests

Tofu Treasure Chests

Tofu is a traditional soy food, associated with a reduced risk of breast and prostate cancers as well as heart disease. Soy protein also lowers elevated cholesterol.