The Assent of Degeneration

The impact of the media upon our society is subtle and gradual. It’s the cumulative impact rather than any one particular video game or TV show.

Finally Home

We never feel complete when we aren’t home. We’re on a journey and it won’t end until Jesus welcomes us into His presence.

What W. H. Auden Can Do For You

Reason is too easily hoodwinked by our prejudices, and we need a framework larger than our own mind to bring us back to reality.

Easy Way to Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

While it’s easy to know why you need to consume more fruit and vegetables, the how may sometimes seem a little more daunting.


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Know Misunderstandings by Scott Wegener

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Real Raspberry Sorbet

Real Raspberry Sorbet

All the goodness of whole fruit without any hidden additives that can usually be found in ice-cream.