June 2007

  • 10 Ways to Walk Smart

    10 Ways to Walk Smart

    Walking is the most popular form of exercise. Weight-loss coach Andrew Cate looks at how to get the most from every step.

  • Family Revolution

    Family Revolution

    Creating a healthy family is an art. Rochelle Melville reveals some values and practices of a God-centred home.

  • DEFCON 2

    DEFCON 2

    Is it possible that someone could give their life to save us all and yet be largely unknown? James Cullen tells one such story.

  • A Certain Kind of Hope

    A Certain Kind of Hope

    Jesus promised He would return to claim His followers. Graeme Loftus reflects on the life of those who wait in anticipation of that day.

  • Tim Winton Telling Tales

    Tim Winton Telling Tales

    He is one of Australia's foremost writers. But Nathan Brown reflects on Winton's own remarkable story.

  • God's Guiding Hand

    God's Guiding Hand

    At the worst of times, God often seems the closest. Glenis Lindley tells the story of one such day.

  • Generosity in Spirit

    Generosity in Spirit

    It is more blessed to give than to receive. Victor Parachin shares a few of the gifts that bless everyone involved.

  • Cyrus the Great

    Cyrus the Great

    Used by God, unknowingly. Praised by God's people, unashamedly. David Edgren explores one of history's most intriguing conquerors.

  • Of Parents and Children

    Of Parents and Children

    Our relationship with our parents is the foundation for all our other relationships. Loron Wade considers what it means to "honour your father and your mother."

  • Bridging Chasms

    Bridging Chasms

    Bridges are meant to bring people together. Harold Harker explains how this bridge, the Bothwell bridge, was involved in both the formation and dismantling of peace.

  • The Sugar-driven Life

    The Sugar-driven Life

    Sweets make life- well- sweeter. But Kim Peckham suggests a healthier way to improve life.

  • History Is What We Make It

    History Is What We Make It

    Robert Wolfgramm reflects on the bicentennary of the abolition of slavery, which was marked by memorial services earlier this year.

  • Online Gossip: more than sticks and stones

    Online Gossip: more than sticks and stones

    How can you know that what you find online can be trusted? Mark Kellner shares some advice.

  • Belonging to a Family

    Belonging to a Family

    Nihilism is the ultimate in despair, in which there is no hope, no future, no meaning, no values, no purpose, no God.

  • Hot Winter Breakfasts

    Hot Winter Breakfasts

    Getting up on a cold winter

  • Memory Loss

    Memory Loss

    It seems as though my memory is failing.

  • Claudication


    Severe cramps in the calves in adults is often claudation

  • Our Times: June 2007

    Our Times: June 2007

    Signs of the Times has recognised, valued and carefully approached the differing family structures, values and needs in our community for more than 120 years.