December 2006

  • Our New Religion

    Our New Religion

    Nathan Brown considers an obsession described as our new national religion-and the alternative.

  • Dangerous Love

    Dangerous Love

    When Mary was called to love, she had no idea what it would cost her. And neither do we. Trudy Morgan-Cole tells the story.

  • In Pursuit of Happiness

    In Pursuit of Happiness

    Modern science and ancient wisdom team up to make your day. Darren Morton explains.

  • Christmas at Our Place

    Christmas at Our Place

    Every family has its own traditions that make Christmas authentic. Harold Harker explores his past and the future.

  • How Kids Manipulate Us

    How Kids Manipulate Us

    We've all seen them in the shopping centre- kids who control their parents. But what do we do when we get home and discover they are our kids? Susan Davis makes some helpful suggestions.

  • Origin of the Species

    Origin of the Species

    Children are often said to have their "father's eyes" or "mother's smile." David Edgren demonstrates that our human nature reveals our heavenly Father.

  • The Real Deal

    The Real Deal

    Is Jesus really the Son of God? Check out some Bible prophecies with Bob Donaldson that give a clear answer.

  • Keeping the Angels Busy

    Keeping the Angels Busy

    Steve Plahn always greets you with a friendly smile. He looks well, happy and full of energy, but that was not the case on August 2, 2005, reports Warren Somerville.

  • Taking the Humbug out of Christmas Finances

    Taking the Humbug out of Christmas Finances

    Ebenezer Scrooge's three spirits of Christmas still live on if you let them. Gordon Botting suggests three ways to save money without losing spirit.

  • Alone for Christmas

    Alone for Christmas

    At times when our community gathers in family groups there are many who are lonely. Myriam Salcedo-Gonzalu offers some words of comfort to those disconnected from family.

  • More Than a Good Idea

    More Than a Good Idea

    Signs editor Nathan Brown recently chatted with Andrew Piper from Australia's most successful a cappella group, The Idea of North.

  • Consider it a Gift

    Consider it a Gift

    A thankful heart is said to be good medicine. Brad Watson shows that a prayerful heart is even better.

  • More Than Meets the Eye

    More Than Meets the Eye

    Very rarely are things exactly what they appear to be-especially during this gift-giving season. David Edgren explores the gift of a child and the understanding of a mother.

  • The Nurture of God

    The Nurture of God

    Samir Selmanavic offers up an invitation to follow, and follow well, a worthy Master.

  • You are Never Alone

    You are Never Alone

    Christmas is meant to be a symbol of hope. It tells us we are not alone, that there is a Person behind the cosmos who cares.

  • Healthy Gift Ideas

    Healthy Gift Ideas

    For many people, the festive season can bring too many indulgences, resulting in unwanted sluggishness and weight gain. Why not give your friends and family something more energising this Christmas?

  • Battling Self-consciousness

    Battling Self-consciousness

    Even now I am married, I am still selfconscious and unhappy about my looks. I

  • Aboriginal Meds

    Aboriginal Meds

    There has been a healing culture among Australia

  • Our Times: December 2006

    Our Times: December 2006

    Jesus Christ has been the reason for the existence of Signs of the Times since its inception 120 years ago.