• Boost Your Spiritual Intelligence

    Boost Your Spiritual Intelligence

    Think sharper and wiser with these valuable activities from Victor Parachin to improve your spiritual walk.
  • Plight of a Refugee

    Plight of a Refugee

    In conjunction with Refugee Week in Australia, Melody Tan discovers what it’s like when even home isn’t safe.
  • Blessed are the Pure in Heart

    Blessed are the Pure in Heart

    Jesus promises that those who hold no evil in their hearts will surely see God. Karen Holford tries to do just that.
  • Six Ways to Keep in Touch With God

    Six Ways to Keep in Touch With God

    It’s easy, in our busy world, to isolate ourselves from God. Karen Leet has found several ways to stay in touch.
  • Drink Deeply

    Drink Deeply

    One hot day, Blake Penland discovered how to spend more meaningful time with God.
  • A Right Royal

    A Right Royal

    Adele Nash harbours blue-blooded aspirations.
  • In the White Corner

    In the White Corner

    Should we or should we not celebrate Christmas? Bruce Manners checks out what history, tradition and the Bible tell us.
  • Reflections on the New Year

    Reflections on the New Year

    Now is the time to make New Year’s resolutions. Alison Buckley raises some questions that you will want to ask yourself as you contemplate them.
  • The Global Warming Debate

    The Global Warming Debate

    Daniel Livingston finds out what should Christians make of the fuss about seemingly innocuous carbon dioxide.
  • Fate of the Unwarned

    Fate of the Unwarned

    The Bible teaches that only those who believe in Jesus will gain eternal life. Borge Schantz asks, What happens to those who never heard about Jesus?
  • Church: Love Me and Leave Me!

    Church: Love Me and Leave Me!

    The Christian community needs to guard its doors. Especially the back one. John Blacker, an ordained minister, explains.
  • The Rugby Equation

    The Rugby Equation

    According to Arlene Tayor, we all have the potential to play world-class rugby, or be experts in a field.
  • Youth of the Nation

    Youth of the Nation

    The implications of the Arab uprisings have more relevance to Christianity than you may think. Geoff Youlden tells us why.
  • Measure of Generosity

    Measure of Generosity

    Braden Blyde ponders the common contradiction, that those who have the least often give the most.
  • Our Deepest Fear

    Our Deepest Fear

    Fear is a gift, but it can also be a curse. Sally Salmond explains this unusual combination.
  • The Coming Food Crisis

    The Coming Food Crisis

    Have you noticed that food prices are surging at the supermarkets?
  • The Surrogacy Debate

    The Surrogacy Debate

    Nigel Hollier ponders on the moral and ethical dilemmas surrounding surrogacy.
  • The Arab Revolt

    The Arab Revolt

    Eric Webster looks at the current Arab revolt and discovers some lessons for all of us.
  • Pick Me! Pick Me!

    Pick Me! Pick Me!

    When it comes to fashion, Kim Peckham knows just what to pick . . . or not.
  • Our Ageing Earth

    Our Ageing Earth

    Robert Wearner explains that in spite of its apparent solidity, the earth under our feet is constantly changing.
  • A Simpler Life

    A Simpler Life

    Do you think you need a big house with state-of-the-art appliances and a huge pay packet in order to be happy? An overnight stay on Amantaní Island on Peru’s Lake Titicaca taught Kathryn Page that the enjoyment of life can be found in a simpler things.
  • Why People Don't Go to Church

    Why People Don't Go to Church

    Why so many church drop-outs? Bruce Manners looks at a recent study that gives some answers.
  • Making Much of Little

    Making Much of Little

    Nick Mattiske reviews Marilynne Robinson's books Gilead and Home.
  • Being Organised and How to Get There

    Being Organised and How to Get There

    The first step to becoming efficient and more productive in life is to get organised. This five-point plan will help you confront misguided thinking that says you can’t.
  • The Internet Advantage

    The Internet Advantage

    With the passage of time and a bit of reflection, I’ve come to see—the magazine debacle notwithstanding—that the Internet is as much of a blessing as a bane to society
  • 7 Non-Material Ways of Giving

    7 Non-Material Ways of Giving

    Christmas may be a season of giving, but as Victor Parachin discovers, you don’t have to go broke doing so
  • Much Appreciated

    Much Appreciated

    During this Christmas season, Cat Thompson tells us why it’s important to possess an attitude of gratitude.
  • Keeping Hope Alive

    Keeping Hope Alive

    Alison Atkinson-Phillips tries to find the truth-and silver lining- behind the Israeli- Palestinian conflict.
  • Our Children and Video Games

    Our Children and Video Games

    Debbie Cosier looks at the harmful effects video games may have on our children.
  • Regaining Control of Your Life

    Regaining Control of Your Life

    We've all been told that what we think can determine how we feel. But Peter Cousins believes managing our lives goes much deeper than that.
  • Is Marriage Still Relevant?

    Is Marriage Still Relevant?

    Ed Dickerson responds to a question that is being asked more and more frequently these days: Does the piece of paper matter?
  • Your Religion and the Environment

    Your Religion and the Environment

    We're more connected to the environment than you think. Howard Fisher tells us how.
  • Behind the Joneses

    Behind the Joneses

    Keeping up with the Joneses has become less expensive recently, with the shift of production to developing countries. However, there are hidden costs, as Kristin Thiele reveals.
  • 2010: Our Faith

    2010: Our Faith

    Geoff Youlden takes an insightful look at the position of the Christian faith in Australia and the US today.
  • Denver Steyn's Bodybuilding Temple

    Denver Steyn's Bodybuilding Temple

    Randall Oliver speaks with a budding young bodybuilder whose faith makes him stand out from the rest.
  • Affluenza: What Does Your Money Say About You?

    Affluenza: What Does Your Money Say About You?

    Bruce Manners looks at the lives of the rich and famous and discovers that, not only can money not buy happiness-it sometimes leads to grief.
  • Internet Safety

    Internet Safety

    Kristin Thiele looks at ways to create and maintain healthy boundaries in the age of social networking.
  • Why Church?

    Why Church?

    A common question people ask is, Why should I go to church? It isn't just about God! Val Wright explains why.
  • A Bed for the Homeless

    A Bed for the Homeless

    Jarrod Stackelroth talks to a lady who is tackling homelessness one bed at a time.
  • Violence in Schools

    Violence in Schools

    Debbie Cosier argues that society itself is to blame for the increasing occurrence of violent acts by children.
  • Steal Something From Work Today!

    Steal Something From Work Today!

    Is stealing really stealing when you're simply taking from somebody who can afford it?
  • Better Than Hyper-Reality

    Better Than Hyper-Reality

    Nathan Brown talks with Melbourne author Mark Sayers about his explorations of our culture.
  • Ten Easy Ways to be Happy!

    Ten Easy Ways to be Happy!

    According to experts, happiness isn't as hard to achieve as you might think. Sheila O'Connor gives a tutorial on happiness.
  • Love Is...

    Love Is...

    The word love has a hundred meanings. But when Sally Salmond saw one, she recognised it instantly.
  • Lying's OK - Honestly!

    Lying's OK - Honestly!

    Have you ever fudged your tax return? What about padding your resume? After all, if it doesn't harm anybody, lying's alright, isn't it?
  • Gifts That Show You Care

    Gifts That Show You Care

    One of the most common Christmas traditions is exchanging gifts. Victor Parachin talks about gifts that people will appreciate even more than things.
  • The Cancer Detour

    The Cancer Detour

    Embrace all of life and love it, says Ronda Armstrong, for even the parts we perceive as bad will contribute to its beauty.
  • Binge Battle and Beer Ads

    Binge Battle and Beer Ads

    Teens need to live their own lives and take responsibility for them. Nobody wants to see them make a mess of it.
  • Resources for the Retrenched

    Resources for the Retrenched

    With thousands of people out of work, Kezia Hanley gives some personal and professional insights into how to handle being unemployed.
  • Forgiven, Not Forgotten

    Forgiven, Not Forgotten

    His life spiraled out of control. Then, about to crashland, he came to his senses. Tony Lungren describes his journey to God.