• The Case for Personal Integrity Online

    The Case for Personal Integrity Online

    After years of knocking around the internet, it seems there are some things worth mentioning at this juncture as general guidelines for all of us.
  • Our Times: November 2006

    Our Times: November 2006

    For more than 120 years Signs has recognised that the way of the world and the way of Jesus are distinctly different
  • The Good Life

    The Good Life

    Fame and fortune, designer clothes, fast cars and big houses. Gizmos and gadgets to make your life more fulfilling. Jay Till shows what we should really be striving for.
  • Seeing Red or Blue

    Seeing Red or Blue

    From our earliest days on the playground we have been choosing sides. Glenis Lindley explores the human compulsion to align ourselves with a group and stick by them through thick and thin.
  • A Leap of Faith

    A Leap of Faith

    What are you afraid of? Julie Anne Hokin tells her story of conquering her fear of heights!
  • Just Say NO!

    Just Say NO!

    Ever wondered why it's so hard to say no to advertising? Christine Miles investigates the theory behind the sales pitch.
  • I Could be Mistaken

    I Could be Mistaken

    Everybody makes mistakes. Kim Peckham offers his mistakeridden life as an illustration.
  • Our Times: October 2006

    Our Times: October 2006

    With each exploration beyond previous borders, we find more and more reason to believe there is indeed a cosmic and personal Designer.
  • Our Times: September 2006

    Our Times: September 2006

    Millions of dollars are being lost by unsuspecting people on the internet.
  • Real-world Spirituality

    Real-world Spirituality

    At the core of our being, we are all uniquely spiritual. Barry Oliver shares an insight into authentic spirituality from a pink galah.
  • The Ultimate Life

    The Ultimate Life

    How many decisions do you make in a day? Graeme Loftus looks at the multitude of choices facing us daily and presents a role model for successful living.
  • Maltese Obsession

    Maltese Obsession

    What happens when a child finds the love of her life? Monique Rogers draws a life lesson out of her addiction to small white dogs.
  • The Numbers Add Up

    The Numbers Add Up

    How much evidence does it take to move something from the realm of faith to fact? Robert Wolfgramm considers one such case.
  • Podcasts to the People!

    Podcasts to the People!

  • Weet-Bix Billy Cart Grand Prix

    Weet-Bix Billy Cart Grand Prix

    The billycart is as Australian as Weet-Bix itself, but combine the two and you have an event that promotes healthy living and is fun for the whole family, as David Edgren discovered.
  • Saving Hamsters

    Saving Hamsters

    Watching a pet die is never easy. David Edgren shares a story of life and death from his childhood.
  • Thanks for Your Advice, Which I Have Already Forgotten

    Thanks for Your Advice, Which I Have Already Forgotten

    Everyone loves to give advice, but as Kim Peckham has discovered, people seldom listen to it.
  • The Delight of God

    The Delight of God

    Samir Selmanovic takes a "soul audit" and reflects on what that tells us about ourselves and about God.
  • Our Times: August 2006

    Our Times: August 2006

    I called it my Glad Day. On that day I refused to let anything stay with me that was not conductive to joy and praise
  • Does it Matter What I Believe?

    Does it Matter What I Believe?

    Being true to your beliefs gives fulfilment to life. Duane Vachon explains why having the right beliefs is an important first step.
  • Are You Game?

    Are You Game?

    What influence have computer games had on your life? David Edgren explores the impact of the past 25 years in gaming.
  • No Regrets

    No Regrets

    Have you ever concluded a day by reflecting on its significance? Have you ever concluded a day by reflecting on its significance? Sally Salmond ponders a couple of days from her life. ponders a couple of days from her life.
  • Dr Feelgood's Prescription

    Dr Feelgood's Prescription

    Sometimes being good and feeling good go hand in hand. Sometimes they don't. Kim Peckham explains.
  • Islands on the Move

    Islands on the Move

    While many theorise about the lost mythical island of Atlantis, Robert Wolfgramm suggests we're in danger of losing real islands.
  • Our Times: July 2006

    Our Times: July 2006

    The Creator alone, possessing omniscience, is qualified to define truth and set bounds between right and wrong in thought and conduct.
  • Decoding The Da Vinci Code

    Decoding The Da Vinci Code

    Grenville Kent looks at the facts behind the best-selling novel-and now hit movie.
  • Alcohol's Tragic Family Secrets

    Alcohol's Tragic Family Secrets

    John Ashton pulls the cork on the uncounted costs of alcohol.
  • Dear diary: it's Sabbath

    Dear diary: it's Sabbath

    The bookends of a day well spent- Hamley Perry spends a fulfilling day with his family and then graciously lets us have a peek in his diary.
  • Kitchen Couch

    Kitchen Couch

    It was more than just a place to sit. It was part of our family. Margaret Pearce considers the ...
  • Reformation E-trail

    Reformation E-trail

    One way to know where a culture or civilisation has been is to look at the sites of its history.
  • Our Times: June 2006

    Our Times: June 2006

    The seventh day of the week as the Sabbath, as the Bible teaches it, has been a central teaching of Signs of the Times since it began publication in 1886.
  • Mind Over Matter

    Mind Over Matter

    Braden Blyde reflects on his mother's kind act. It changed the way he thought-and the way he felt.
  • No More Gaps

    No More Gaps

    Have you ever felt alienated? Robert Wolfgramm explores the chasms that separate us.
  • Our Times: May 2006

    Our Times: May 2006

    Long before government legislation to the effect, Signs has spoke in favour of a smoke-free lifestyle.
  • Optimism: A New Way of Life

    Optimism: A New Way of Life

    Optimism is the key to a joyful, successful and fulfilling life, recommends Bob Farrant.
  • Rebounding Generosity

    Rebounding Generosity

    Giving rebounds into our lives in a variety of ways, writes John Denne.
  • Resolutions You Can Keep

    Resolutions You Can Keep

    Kim Peckham asks about those fast-fading New Year's resolutions and offers advice to help you keep next year's.
  • What a Tangled Web We Can Weave

    What a Tangled Web We Can Weave

    You'll never be able to predict who will read your online musings.
  • Our Times: April 2006

    Our Times: April 2006

    Current research has indicated that men and women are not as different as we may have thought.
  • Sudanese Refugees

    Sudanese Refugees

    Recon Ministries, an initiative of a group of church youth is making a difference in the lives of refugees in Melbourne. ADRA-Victoria Director Phil Brown tells how.
  • You Could be Dead by Now

    You Could be Dead by Now

    People are living longer these days than in the past. Why? Kim Peckham looks into the situation.
  • When Rights are Wrong

    When Rights are Wrong

    At what stage does human rights become wrong, and are we to judge? Robert Wolfgramm shares his view
  • Our Times: March 2006

    Our Times: March 2006

    In an attempt to get Austrian men to do a fairer portion of housework, one-day courses have been set up across the nation.
  • The View From Above

    The View From Above

    Perspective determines how we perceive things. When it comes to the "big picture" of history, God's viewpoint is the only accurate one, as Ross Chadwick explains.
  • Enforcing God's Law?

    Enforcing God's Law?

    The battle between secularists and religionists has been joined in the courts of the US. At stake is the country's tradition of tolerance and freedom, writes John V Stevens.
  • Joys of Moving

    Joys of Moving

    Still working on upacking those last few boxes in the spare room? Linzi Aitken can sympathise as she reflects on the pain-and the joy-of moving house.
  • SUPER duper POWER

    SUPER duper POWER

    Which is worse, tyranny or anarchy? It's a question central to the conduct of human affairs in the context of global terrorism. Robert Wolfgramm takes a look at the options.
  • Creation, Evolution ... and Resolution

    Creation, Evolution ... and Resolution

    A lookat websites that support what many Christians believe as a traditional view of Creation
  • Our Times: January-February 2006

    Our Times: January-February 2006

    A Russian scientist claims that a beating on the buttocks with a cane will cure everything from depression to alcoholism.
  • A Gleam of Truth

    A Gleam of Truth

    Nathan Brown looks at the "next big thing"-the movie version of C S Lewis's The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.