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  • The Reason for the Season

    The Reason for the Season

    The true spirit of Christmas is often lost in commercialisation. Jay Sheen shares some ways you can get that lost spirit back.
  • Patience in an Impatient World

    Patience in an Impatient World

    Tammy Darling shows us why we should take things slower—and how to do so.
  • Adam Goodes: It Stops With Me

    Adam Goodes: It Stops With Me

    Adam Goodes is a recognised advocate against racism. Melody Tan speaks to the AFL champion about his personal and public battles.
  • Between Heaven ‘n’ Hell in the Here-‘n’-Now

    Between Heaven ‘n’ Hell in the Here-‘n’-Now

    When does heaven begin? Or alternatively, hell? And who (or what) determines which way we’ll go? Matthew Lucio reflects on these vexing questions.
  • General Nut

    General Nut

    Scott Wegener finds joy in being labelled a “nut.”
  • Choose Kindness

    Choose Kindness

    Melody Tan chats about respect, dignity and good old-fashioned values with television’s Getaway presenter Catriona Rowntree.
  • At Face Value

    At Face Value

    An unwanted afternoon shift at a hospital gave Gwen Allen a valued lesson about life.
  • How to Say No

    How to Say No

    Sometimes we confuse saying No with selfishness. But Sheila O’Connor says that by being more assertive, we live a more stress-free life.
  • The Heart of Jesus

    The Heart of Jesus

    A chance encounter gave Jo Cox a glimpse of divine love and helped her to understand that it can be reflected in the most humble face.
  • Fish-losophy


    Derek McCutcheon shows us how lessons learned from fishmongers can give satisfaction in life.
  • Vigorous of Heart

    Vigorous of Heart

    How do I get that kind of boundless energy that children seem to have? Can my relationships be like that too?
  • Know Misunderstandings

    Know Misunderstandings

    How can you be sure your beliefs are correct? What if you misunderstand some things? Scott Wegener reflects on these questions.
  • Fake It Till You Make It

    Fake It Till You Make It

    If we do something without really wanting to, are we being hypocritical? Jim Berglund asks—and answers—this question.
  • Blessed are the Pure in Heart

    Blessed are the Pure in Heart

    Jesus promises that those who hold no evil in their hearts will surely see God. Karen Holford tries to do just that.
  • You Are What You Think

    You Are What You Think

    Doug Batchelor points out that the world around us has more influence on who we are than we may think.
  • The Rugby Equation

    The Rugby Equation

    According to Arlene Tayor, we all have the potential to play world-class rugby, or be experts in a field.
  • Measure of Generosity

    Measure of Generosity

    Braden Blyde ponders the common contradiction, that those who have the least often give the most.
  • Is the Glass Half-Full?

    Is the Glass Half-Full?

    Trafford Fischer figures out what it takes to be happy.
  • Regaining Control of Your Life

    Regaining Control of Your Life

    We've all been told that what we think can determine how we feel. But Peter Cousins believes managing our lives goes much deeper than that.
  • The Inspirational Anna Meares

    The Inspirational Anna Meares

    As she prepared for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, cyclist Anna Meares reflected on her remarkable story so far with Nathan Brown.
  • Ten Easy Ways to be Happy!

    Ten Easy Ways to be Happy!

    According to experts, happiness isn't as hard to achieve as you might think. Sheila O'Connor gives a tutorial on happiness.
  • The Cancer Detour

    The Cancer Detour

    Embrace all of life and love it, says Ronda Armstrong, for even the parts we perceive as bad will contribute to its beauty.
  • Delta Goodrem "Believes Again"

    Delta Goodrem "Believes Again"

    Nathan Brown asks the award-winning Australian singer songwriter about life, music and health.
  • Are You Personality Positive?

    Are You Personality Positive?

    Nina Atcheson looks at how to get the most out of your life.
  • Air Rage

    Air Rage

    Being quick to judge is rarely beneficial. Scott Wegener shares a window of learning in his experience.
  • Beauty Matters

    Beauty Matters

    Femininity creates a desire to be beautiful and to make the world a more beautiful place. Michele Howe explains.
  • My Life Spring Clean

    My Life Spring Clean

    How much of your "stuff" could you live without? Kristel Rae finds a microcosm of her life in her bathroom cupboard.
  • The Gold in the Golden Rule

    The Gold in the Golden Rule

    "Jesus said it sums up all the Scriptures but are Christians-and other religions- living it in the world today?" asks Samir Selmanovic.
  • Loving like God Loves

    Loving like God Loves

    Much has been written about the mark of the beast and the antichrist in the book of Revelation. But what is the mark of a Christian?
  • Out-of-Order Attachment

    Out-of-Order Attachment

    Why do we want what isn't ours? Loron Wade reflects on the selfish nature of humanity and suggests a solution.
  • Right Thinking

    Right Thinking

    Annual Australian gambling revenue is $A17 billion dollars. Yet it doesn't produce anything, increase overall wealth or manufacture any goods. It causes hardship for individuals and families. A few win at the expense of many. While wages are earned and pe
  • DANGER! Construction Zone

    DANGER! Construction Zone

    Building a dream home can turn into a nightmare. Kellie Hancock found that a sense of humour helps and shares some lessons she's learned while "in the zone."
  • Fears and Phobias

    Fears and Phobias

    Where do you get your strength? Glenis Lindley discusses the thoughts that plague many of us.
  • The Secret Selling Us Short

    The Secret Selling Us Short

    A best-selling book with various celebrity endorsements is no guarantee of spiritual truth. Adele Nash considers the hype surrounding The Secret.
  • The Fine Art of Apology

    The Fine Art of Apology

    Why are two little words so hard for us to say? Victor Parachin explores the benefits of saying, "I'm sorry."
  • 7 Secrets of Contentment

    7 Secrets of Contentment

    Living simultaneously with positive and negative experiences can be stressful. Is it possible to find peace and contentment in such a world? Let's look at seven secrets "of being content in any and every situation."
  • Getting Control

    Getting Control

    Most of us will never kill someone else, but our hearts are not innocent of such thoughts.explores the thought life that leads to law-breaking.
  • Play At It

    Play At It

    Can a wheelchair become a throne? Jennifer Schwirzer suggests life is more about what we make of it than what it makes of us.
  • Thanks for Everything

    Thanks for Everything

    Being thankful is not always easy, Kim Peckham comments on the many things we take for granted and suggests we should be thankful.
  • A Little Thummim to Help you Make up your Mind

    A Little Thummim to Help you Make up your Mind

    Making the right decisions is difficult. Kim Peckham wonders what it would be like to know God's will in all matters.
  • In Pursuit of Happiness

    In Pursuit of Happiness

    Modern science and ancient wisdom team up to make your day. Darren Morton explains.
  • Buckets of Trouble

    Buckets of Trouble

    A moment of gardening innovation for Scott Wegener led to an afternoon of scientific challenge-and a moment of enlightenment.
  • Attitude for Altitude

    Attitude for Altitude

    Some people get more then their fair share of lemons in life. Christine Miles explores the attitude of a lemonade salesman.
  • The Rise and Rise of Eddie McGuire

    The Rise and Rise of Eddie McGuire

    Creative thinking and plain hard work turned a TV personality into a media mogul. Derek McCutcheon reports.
  • Bradley Trevor Greive: Perspective of a Blue Day

    Bradley Trevor Greive: Perspective of a Blue Day

    Though they are humorous, Bradley Trevor Greive is not just about cute animal pictures. He spoke recently with Signs editor Nathan Brown .
  • No Regrets

    No Regrets

    Have you ever concluded a day by reflecting on its significance? Have you ever concluded a day by reflecting on its significance? Sally Salmond ponders a couple of days from her life. ponders a couple of days from her life.
  • Dr Feelgood's Prescription

    Dr Feelgood's Prescription

    Sometimes being good and feeling good go hand in hand. Sometimes they don't. Kim Peckham explains.
  • When Jesus Came to Lae

    When Jesus Came to Lae

    Is it possible that Jesus still walks among us? According to David Thiele He visited Lae recently.
  • Running on Empty

    Running on Empty

    Roland Hegstad challenges our love for God and humanity.
  • Optimism: A New Way of Life

    Optimism: A New Way of Life

    Optimism is the key to a joyful, successful and fulfilling life, recommends Bob Farrant.
  • Rebounding Generosity

    Rebounding Generosity

    Giving rebounds into our lives in a variety of ways, writes John Denne.
  • John Landy: a significant life

    John Landy: a significant life

    Landy was a champion runner, but as Nick Dunstan tells, he's better known for his good sportsmanship.
  • Competing With Friends

    Competing With Friends

    Christine Miles gives a brief history of the Commonwealth Games-and what they teach us.
  • The View From Above

    The View From Above

    Perspective determines how we perceive things. When it comes to the "big picture" of history, God's viewpoint is the only accurate one, as Ross Chadwick explains.
  • Joys of Moving

    Joys of Moving

    Still working on upacking those last few boxes in the spare room? Linzi Aitken can sympathise as she reflects on the pain-and the joy-of moving house.
  • Michael Campbell: a model of success

    Michael Campbell: a model of success

    Success is measured in different ways, not all of them valid. But as the life of this New Zealander demonstrates and Christine Miles points out, there is a valid way to achieve it: hard work.
  • Religious Extremism

    Religious Extremism

    The headline was startling: "US evangelist wants Chavez assassinated" (, August 24, 2005). From statements that he later backed away from, conservative US evangelist Pat Robertson appeared to call for the assassination of Venezuelan president
  • Yabba, dabba Do ... NOT!

    Yabba, dabba Do ... NOT!

    Does what we see influence what we do? Kim Peckham isn
  • Excuses, Excuses ...

    Excuses, Excuses ...

    Making excuses for our actions, or lack of them, is almost part of human nature. But is it acceptable? Glenis Lindley gives her opinion.
  • Pilling the Bull

    Pilling the Bull

    The problem with swallowing distasteful medication isn't always the medicine itself; rather, it's how it's administered, says Ami Hendrickson.
  • The Cost of Caring

    The Cost of Caring

    Giving does sometimes hurt. But that's no reason to stop. But beyond the pain, there are benefits for all parties, as Brad Watson found.
  • Kaleidoscope


    How you view God is like how you see life: it depends on your perspective, as Cathy Ireland explains.
  • Narcissus' nightmare

    Narcissus' nightmare

    Living your life focused on yourself is ultimately destructive. According to John Denne, we all need more.
  • Ancient Antidote for a Modern Malaise

    Ancient Antidote for a Modern Malaise

    Stress is an acknowledged killer in Western societies. But to that there's a simple, God-given solution, says Cathy Ireland. You just need to be willing to try it.