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  • The "Problem" With the Bible

    The "Problem" With the Bible

    Charles Mills looks at several ways we can easily misunderstand the Bible and how he came to accept it as God’s word to him.
  • Not By Sight

    Not By Sight

    Melody Tan speaks with Brazilian-born surfer Derek Rabelo who, with his accomplishments, well illustrates the Bible’s admonition to live by faith.
  • Of Gods and Kings

    Of Gods and Kings

    Mark Hadley talks about yet another Bible story turned into the latest Hollywood epic.
  • How to Trust God

    How to Trust God

    John Bradshaw reveals how we can maintain our faith in God through life’s difficult times.
  • Open Windows

    Open Windows

    Have you ever been curious about the meaning of and reasons behind the Christian tradition of tithing? Joy Wendt explains it.
  • A Strong Love

    A Strong Love

    Raising a disabled child is tough and most of us have little or no knowledge of the difficulties involved. Louise Inglis shares her secret for coping.
  • Flying High

    Flying High

    Allan Phillips shares some lessons about faith, learned from his son, who is a pilot.
  • God's Promises for Your Future

    God's Promises for Your Future

    Sometimes, God’s promises are fulfilled by a mere change in perspective. Dorothy O’Neill tells how this happened to her.
  • Simon Barnett

    Simon Barnett

    Christine Miles speaks to a Christchurch radio presenter about living with New Zealand’s second-deadliest natural disaster.
  • Ken Duncan an Average Photographer

    Ken Duncan an Average Photographer

    His photographs adorn the walls of offices and homes countrywide, but as he tells Melody Tan, his art is not as important as what he can do for God.
  • Genelle Guzman-McMillan: The Last Survivor

    Genelle Guzman-McMillan: The Last Survivor

    September 11, 2001 is a day most of the world will never forget. Melody Tan speaks to a lady who experienced it first-hand.
  • Silvie Paladino

    Silvie Paladino

    With the Christmas season upon us, Lee Dunstan thought it time to talk to a veteran Carols by Candlelight performer of many years.
  • God loves me

    God loves me

    For Lina Maevis, building a house gave her something more than a home to live in.
  • Myth, Mirage or Miracle

    Myth, Mirage or Miracle

    Is this brief life all that is on offer? Geoffrey Garne doesn’t think so.
  • Does God Give Signs?

    Does God Give Signs?

    Is it appropriate to ask God for a sign when you want to know whether or not to do something? Vanessa Pizutto ponders on an answer to this question.
  • Courage in the Deluge

    Courage in the Deluge

    Nathan Brown speaks to a family who despite great loss, gained new hope.
  • Defying the Odds

    Defying the Odds

    Rochelle Fraser speaks to a mother who was told she’d never be able to help her son experience a full life.
  • From Prison to Palace

    From Prison to Palace

    According to Doug Batchelor, we all have the opportunity to inherit an immense fortune.
  • Getting in Shape

    Getting in Shape

    According to Seth Pierce, martial arts training is in some ways similar to attending church.
  • 2010: Our Faith

    2010: Our Faith

    Geoff Youlden takes an insightful look at the position of the Christian faith in Australia and the US today.
  • The Cancer Detour

    The Cancer Detour

    Embrace all of life and love it, says Ronda Armstrong, for even the parts we perceive as bad will contribute to its beauty.
  • The Least of These

    The Least of These

    The rejects of society are precious to Jesus. Diana Smith* tells about her friendship with one of these.
  • Satisfaction in Action

    Satisfaction in Action

    A disaster can bring out the best in us, but it is sad that it often takes one to do so.
  • Knowing


    The future is all about knowing, and when you know the future, what do you do with the information? Malcolm Potts gives one clear answer worth heeding.
  • From the Ashes

    From the Ashes

    Just days after devastating fires ripped through rural Victoria, Adele Nash spoke with one family who'd lost everything. Almost.
  • Ben Carson: The Faith of a Surgeon

    Ben Carson: The Faith of a Surgeon

    Jarrod Stackelroth explores the life and faith of one ofthe world's bestknown and "gifted" neurosurgeons.
  • The Christ of the Crisis

    The Christ of the Crisis

    Geoffrey Garne reveals the God who is always with us.
  • The Possibility of God

    The Possibility of God

    Bruce Manners ponders some of the biggest questions that confront each of us as human beings.
  • Denzel Washington

    Denzel Washington

    Jarrod Stackelroth explores the faith behind the well-known movie star.
  • Eye on the Olympics

    Eye on the Olympics

    There are important links between faith and athletics
  • Circumstantial Faith?

    Circumstantial Faith?

    Is faith more than a question of upbringing and circumstances? Nathan Brown reflects on the experience and mystery of faith.
  • Visiting Narnia with Andrew Adamson

    Visiting Narnia with Andrew Adamson

    Andrew Adamson calls the shots on the retelling of the Narnia stories. He aims to let the stories speak for themselves, reports Nathan Brown.
  • Making Sense of Destruction

    Making Sense of Destruction

    Natural disasters always leave thousands of people asking why. Ed Dickerson examines the Bible's answer.
  • Looking for Hope

    Looking for Hope

    In different ways, all Australians have been affected by drought. Daniel Reynaud ponders the meaning of hope amid the dry.
  • Searching for God

    Searching for God

    Is God hard to find? Rodney Woods offers a good starting point for the search.
  • "Good luck, Grandma" -and Other Camping Adventures

    "Good luck, Grandma" -and Other Camping Adventures

    Kim Peckham challenges us to trust God-even when we're camping
  • Farewell, Sweet Dignity, We Hardly Knew Ye

    Farewell, Sweet Dignity, We Hardly Knew Ye

    Some things in life are hard to hold on to. Kim Peckham delves into discovering that which we can retain.
  • A Symbol of Home

    A Symbol of Home

    A flag declares much about a nation and her people. Mark Finley flies the flag of Christian commitment, joy and promise.
  • Riding the Spirit

    Riding the Spirit

    Life's a journey in many ways. David Edgren shows how his personal and spiritual journey travel together.
  • Finding Peace

    Finding Peace

    The rest that results from a job well done is the best kind of rest on earth. Loron Wade explains.
  • Sabina's Love

    Sabina's Love

    Watching your family murdered-devastating. Meeting your murderer in the dead of night- priceless. Forgiving and embracing him-possible. Mark Finley explores the heart of a Jesus follower.
  • Play At It

    Play At It

    Can a wheelchair become a throne? Jennifer Schwirzer suggests life is more about what we make of it than what it makes of us.
  • Treasures in Jars of Clay

    Treasures in Jars of Clay

    The stories in the Bible teach the value God places on each of us. Stephanie Fox recalls a few of her favourites.
  • Healing Love

    Healing Love

    What happens when your private demons start hurting those around you? Jennifer Schwirzer, pictured, shares her journey of both spiritual and physical healing.
  • Suffering Infertility, Grief, and God

    Suffering Infertility, Grief, and God

    Colin Renfrew opens his heart and tells his story.
  • More Than a Good Idea

    More Than a Good Idea

    Signs editor Nathan Brown recently chatted with Andrew Piper from Australia's most successful a cappella group, The Idea of North.
  • Consider it a Gift

    Consider it a Gift

    A thankful heart is said to be good medicine. Brad Watson shows that a prayerful heart is even better.
  • Review: God on My Side - Andrew Denton

    Review: God on My Side - Andrew Denton

    In his first cinematic documentary excursion, God on My Side, Andrew Denton tackles a big topic
  • Betting on God

    Betting on God

    When the deck is stacked, the outcome is inevitable. Derek McCutcheon explores the development of probability theory and the eternal implications.
  • Where's the Miracle?

    Where's the Miracle?

    It's frightening how your whole world can come crashing down in one short phone call. For Steve and Marion Penny, one phone conversation set in motion what was to become the most challenging yet refining season of their lives.
  • A Leap of Faith

    A Leap of Faith

    What are you afraid of? Julie Anne Hokin tells her story of conquering her fear of heights!
  • Waiting for a Better Place

    Waiting for a Better Place

    A traumatic childhood experience has given Cristian Copaceanu a better understanding of God's ultimate promise.
  • The Numbers Add Up

    The Numbers Add Up

    How much evidence does it take to move something from the realm of faith to fact? Robert Wolfgramm considers one such case.
  • Questions for Faith

    Questions for Faith

    In the ongoing Intelligent Design debate, there are questions that both sides need to answer. And the answers may surprise some, suggests Peter McGowan .
  • Does it Matter What I Believe?

    Does it Matter What I Believe?

    Being true to your beliefs gives fulfilment to life. Duane Vachon explains why having the right beliefs is an important first step.
  • Trisha Broadbridge: Young Australian of the year

    Trisha Broadbridge: Young Australian of the year

    The 2004 Boxing Day tsunami ended both her honeymoon and the life of her new husband. Yet Trisha Broadbridge lives to bring life to those who suffered similar loss. Rochelle Woods explores Trisha's extraordinary life and courage.
  • A Day to Remember

    A Day to Remember

    The Sabbath is a weekly reminder that we need to take time to be with God, family and friends, to remember where we came from and what Jesus has done for us.
  • Piggy Bankrupt

    Piggy Bankrupt

    What is true poverty? Robert Granger thought he knew until he encountered true generousity.
  • Petra Bagust: It's all about Love

    Petra Bagust: It's all about Love

    Is it possible to be a TV superstar and also the girl next door? Christine Miles reveals the refreshing attitude of New Zealand's Petra Bagust .
  • God Carried my Baby

    God Carried my Baby

    A serious heart condition threatened Karen Elengikal and her unborn child. Then God stepped in.
  • 120 years of Signs of the Times!

    120 years of Signs of the Times!

    Signs of the Times celebrates 120 years of continuous publication this month. Since 1886, things have changed (at least on paper), as Alan Holman, a former Signs artist and production manager, reveals.
  • When Trouble Comes

    When Trouble Comes

    When disasters and personal suffering hit, the question people ask is, where was God? Eric van Schoonhoven says there is an answer.
  • Neighbours to the World

    Neighbours to the World

    George and Joan Eiszele of Tasmania understand what being a true neighbour means. Carole Stanton looks at this extraordinary couple.
  • A Gleam of Truth

    A Gleam of Truth

    Nathan Brown looks at the "next big thing"-the movie version of C S Lewis's The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
  • Words in Context

    Words in Context

    Middle East archaeologist David Down reads between the lines of an an ancient Aramaic manuscript. He discovers a message that's still relevant.
  • A Gift of Friendship

    A Gift of Friendship

    From the former USSR to Australia is a long way to travel, but from agnostic to believer is even further, as Reg Brown tells.
  • A Mile in His Shoes

    A Mile in His Shoes

    It's good to serve your family. But Cathy Irleland has begun to wonder if there is more to serving others.
  • Jim Richards and Son: More to Winning

    Jim Richards and Son: More to Winning

    They're two of the nicest guys in motor sport, as Glenis Lindley, points out. But they're more than a team-they're family.
  • The Night That Changed My Life

    The Night That Changed My Life

    At around 2 am, after a night of dancing, and on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Ian Grice encountered something that brought him to his knees, then a lifetime of service for Christ.
  • James Morrison's Soul Music

    James Morrison's Soul Music

    Scott Wegener talks with a man who likes his music with two kinds of "gospel."
  • A Mothers Faith

    A Mothers Faith

    When her son David contracted meningitis, Annette Barlow knew God would take care of him, as she told Christine Miles.
  • Faithfulness in a Minor Key

    Faithfulness in a Minor Key

    Among the most obscure of the Bible's writers are the "minor prophets." Who were they? Bible scholar Steven Thompson explores this collection of Old Testament writers.
  • How to Know You're Saved

    How to Know You're Saved

    Am I truly, absolutely, positively saved beyond a shadow of a doubt? C?
  • She Brings Joy

    She Brings Joy

    Over 30 years, Joy Cowley has become one of New Zealand's most prolific and successful writers of children's books, with more than 600 titles for all ages. Christine Miles reveals how her success came about.
  • Jason Smith, Basketball Giant

    Jason Smith, Basketball Giant

    He prays before he plays, but, really, how relevant is God in the life of this elite sportsman? asks Signs editor Nathan Brown.
  • No Limbs, No Limits

    No Limbs, No Limits

    Being born limbless has not stopped Nick Vujicic from going places. Glenis Lyndley caught up with Nick to find his motivation.